Welcome to the Pheadirean (pronounced fedder-ian) Genealogy website.

(An archive of the family linkages and history of the Paterson and related families.)

As background: A few years ago, I started collecting and recording family history information. I did this by trying to identify as many people as I could in our family, and then I tried to trace their history; and I recorded all the information that I came across as I went. Not long after I started this, I came to the following realizations:

  1. A family history research task is never ending.
  2. I need help 
  3. I have to record the information in a central place, accessible to those willing to participate

So, to try and resolve the above, I have established this website. My primary objectives are:

  1. To provide a place for our related families to communicate, share information, and collaborate on all aspects of family news.
  2. To provide an entry point into our combined Family Tree website so that we can collectively build up a general set of information about our respective families.
  3. To stimulate a family forum where we collectively discuss directions for our research.

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Important things to note are that you can view some of this information without registering. But to be able to participate more fully with us, you must register. Without registration you cannot see any information about living relatives, nor can you see any information related to those family members who died within the last 20 years.To register, look in the Login link to the right and "Request new user account". (This does not give you access immediately - I will approve all registration requests!)

As you can see from this, I recognize that security is important to us all. Please be careful with the family information you post in public places.

I hope you register and then subsequently participate. Bear in mind that I have 1 requirement for registration. I need to know who you are and where you fit into our family - without this, I will not approve your registration.

If you would like to contact me directly, please follow the link at the bottom of this page "For technical support or genealogy questions, please contact TheAdministrator!" and click on TheAdministrator!

One thing to note: Family in this context is a very broad term. And as you start to participate you will see that it is much easier to add current family members than it is to add ancestors. Parents and grandparents are easy, great-grandparents become more difficult and great-great-grandparents are where the challenges truly start. As you work earlier, you will also see that the tree has to become wider, involving more families. (My apologies for any omissions, it is not intended...)

Richard Paterson

Starting Point for Visitors
Monday, October 29, 2012 4:06 PM

As a visitor to this site, you can start in one of two ways:

(1) Looking at the Top Surnames list below, click on one of the surnames you are interested in and you will be presented with a list of individuals who bear this surname. (Be careful: married women have their info recorded under their maiden surname). This will present a list of individuals, which takes into consideration our privacy rules and the fact you are a visitor.

(2) Look at the names in the Statiscs box further down on the left hand side of the screen. By clicking on any ofthe names displayed, you will be presented with the details of the individual you selected (again, this takes into consideration our pricavy rules and the fact that you are a visitor). Clicking on further names allows you to navigate further.

And at some point during this process you will need to register (see instructions in text to the left).

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